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PT Karunia Tirta Nirwana

PTKarunia Tirta Nirwana - Jual Laundry care dan Pengkilap Ban
Dishwashing Soap Elmira
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Elmira dishwashing soap can be used for industry, restaurants or probable use. Dishwashing soap contains alkaline base liquids that dissolve dirt and oil on plates and cups. This product is in the form of liquid with bottle packaging, making it easy to use and easy to store. Many types and brands of dishwashing soap are on the market. We as distributors and suppliers of Elmina Dishwashing Soap offer superior products that are certainly reliable for your needs.
We sell cheap price dishwashing soap with superior quality and quality.

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PT Karunia Tirta Nirwana

Welcome to PT Karunia Tirta Nirwana. We are a company that established since 2018 engaged in industrial Laundry Ingredients, Cleaning Liquid, Car Cleaners, Floor Cleaning Liquid, Dish Soap. We were in Jl. Bojongmolek X Blok F29 No.12Jembatan 4, Taman Narogong Indah Bekasi 17116. Discover the variety of our best products (Laundry care, Pengkilap Ban, Parfum Laundry, Shampo Mobil, Softener Laundry, Cairan Pembersih Lantai) with quality and the best price you can get.

PT Karunia Tirta Nirwana

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  • Jl. Bojongmolek X Blok F29 No.12Jembatan 4, Taman Narogong Indah Bekasi 17116, Bekasi 17116
    Bekasi , Indonesia
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